Broken Glass

As many of you know my hobby is being a glass worker. I have been doing this for somewhere around 14 years. My type of glass work is called warm glass or fused glass, I do not blow glass. My work uses a kiln for the heat process. I put my art together on a bench and then put it in a kiln to fuse it together. For me it is a thinking person’s hobby because it involves very specific chemistry and precision of time and temperature with the glass.  I have a few of my pieces in my office and if you would like to see them stop by my office.

While most of my pieces over the years are made of art glass specifically manufactured for this kind of glass work, recently I have started working with recycled glass. Without going into specifics, it is defiantly a very different glass to work with.

The picture is of one of my earliest pieces. It is made of a tempered glass tabletop that I broke and then put back together. It is one of my personal favorites, because I think it is beautiful—in its own way.

From the day I pulled this out of my kiln it has reminded me that all of us will go though times of brokenness where we are forever changed. Yet, through God’s love and grace, we can be put back together and while different,


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