Can You Pray and Worship God Enough? (6:33 Praise and Prayer August 11th )

On Friday August 11, 2017 we will once again resume our 6:33 Praise and Prayer gatherings as we come together for the fourth time. So what is 6:33? Who is it for? Why should you consider going?

So what is 6:33?

The 6:33 Gathering is a combined effort of the Celebrate Praise Team and the Church Prayer Ministry.   The name of the Gathering -6:33 comes from Matthew 6 verse 33 – “seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness”; which is exactly what we do during a 6:33 Gathering. We seek the Lord and his Kingdom through worship and prayer.

The vision of the Prayer Ministry and the Praise Team is to give our Congregation a time and place to get together to worship and pray to The Lord. Both Ministries felt we as Christians cannot pray or worship The Father enough.  We wanted to give our Community, our Church and this Congregation another opportunity to seek God through worship and prayer.

Who is it for?

6:33 Gatherings are for everyone. The attendees; to this point have been from both the Celebrate Services and the Traditional services. These Gatherings are also open to the community. Please invite your friends.  When people have asked me about who should attend a 6:33 Gathering; my favorite reply is that 6:33 is for people who need prayer, people who need to pray and everyone who delights in worshipping our great God; which is just about everyone!

Why should you consider attending a 6:33 Gathering?

At the end of a busy week it is good just to catch your breath and go to the Lord. Exalting Him through worship while also lifting up prayers of need , concern or thanksgiving can really help to lift your heart and wipe away the pressures of this world while also building a relationship with God . This next 6:33 on August 11th has been designed to be a simple time of prayer and worship knowing that after vacation and as school begins people will need a time of simple reflection. Come and get out of the “whirlwind” for a while and be close to family, friends and of course …The Lord… at 6:33.



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