Extravagant Generosity

In the church, we are encouraged to practice “Extravagant Generosity”.  Friendswood Methodist does a good job of this, but there are times when I am simply amazed at how you respond. On the two Sundays leading up to July 4th you were given the opportunity to participate in the “Bibles for Vets’ outreach. This is a simple outreach where we partner with the Veterans Administration to provide them bibles. In turn these bibles are given to Vet’s that are facing difficult situations in their life and have turned to the V.A. to participate in a program to get their life back on track. I my opinion there is no better way than God’s Word to find truth that will get your life back together, obviously the V.A. agrees.

As you probably know it is a simple outreach, sponsor a bible and we will get to the V.A. for distribution. One thing that make this a special outreach is the every bible has a handwritten bookplate from the bibles sponsor. This bible is not just another thing given the Vet, it is a personal gift. I read many of the inscriptions; all were heartwarming and many very touching.

So back to the topic of “Extravagant Generosity”.  YOU sponsored 360 bibles. AMAZING! Think how many lives will be touched and changed because you reached out in a tangible way to help. This was many more bibles than was initially brought in. But, more were ordered and all of them will soon be on the way to the V.A.

If you see Karon Woods and her family give them a pat on the back; this outreach was there brainchild. Through their hard work of coordination, and your generosity, many vets will be blessed.

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