Focus on “The Mission” …. The Father

Serving God as a leader or a member of a Ministry is very rewarding and easy when you have committed and selfless individuals serving with you.  Focusing on The Father is the foundation for a successful and rewarding Ministry. This said; many well intention-ed people and Ministries have gotten off track as a result of focusing on the wrong things rather than keeping God the only focus.

As a Worship Leader I lead and work with musicians (which is stating the obvious). Musicians as a whole are competitive, can be egotistical, strong willed and have a desire to be recognized and/or affirmed. As a secular musician for many years, I can tell you I was all of these things. A good musician must be able to set himself or herself apart from the crowd in order to be considered “the best”.  Selfless as it pertains to someone’s craft as a musician is not necessarily a desirable trait unless you are the acknowledged best at what you do! All this said; I have to interject that I have many secular musician friends and many are the nicest and most giving people I know, but when it comes to music it can be a bit of “I’m the best ….what cha got?”

I lead and work with musicians each week in preparation for the Sunday Celebrate Service; but our musicians, which I will “loving” call Church Artists are quite different. A Church Artist; regardless of degree of skill, is a musician that has put their “self” aside for The Lord. Certainly this is what being a Christian is, but again I stress this is contrary to the natural tendencies and instincts most musicians have.  I am so fortunate to be able to work with truly committed Christian Artists that do not compromise their relationship with God while focusing on being great in their craft.

This past January; I came on board as the full time Worship Leader at Friendswood Methodist after serving as the Worship Leader here for 10 years. As my assignment was being announced I began preparing a meeting with the team. I wanted to “hit the ground running and put the pedal to metal”.  As I prepared for this meeting I thought of changes we could adopt , processes we could install and songs we could learn that may help us get to the next level. I was “fired up”; but as I continued my preparations I thought of John 4:24 – God is spirit and his worshippers must worship in the Spirit and in truth. I asked myself how any of my “Initiatives” would help our Team worship and lead worship in the Spirit and in truth. The answer ….I was focused on the  “nuts and bolts” not the whole engine. I decided to make a change in my meeting plans.

Instead of presenting change for change sake I focused on reinforcing how important this Ministry is to the Church and God’s people and how every member is vital to that effort. God had chosen us and called us to lead His People in worship. With our Celebrate Team focused on The Lord and the importance of their ministry the rest (the “nuts and bolts”) would take care of itself.

If you are reading this and are a Ministry Leader or a member of a Ministry, I ask you ; where’s your focus.? Are you focused on the nuts and bolts of Ministry or are you focused on the importance of the mission. Are you building people up or is there divisiveness? Remember God shouldn’t be the only “giver of grace” at Church; your volunteers and your team make your Ministry go and deserve love and grace for their commitment to serve.

Peace …… Tippy

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