Have You Ever Seen The Wonder ?

Over the past month; Celebrate has included the song Wonder in our opening worship set. I am sure that most everyone by now has heard this song as it is now being played frequently on Christian radio. The song is off the new CD by Hillsong United called (appropriately) Wonder. I will save for a future blog how the Praise Team decides on songs to include in worship but for this blog’s purposes I will tell you that I was immediately drawn to this song for a variety of reasons.

The song structure of Wonder is very different as it moves very quickly; repeating the same parts of the song with 3 different beats or “grooves” (as we call it). The vocal complexity is and was a challenge to learn as both the male and female vocal parts “jump around” from low to high octives. The Celebrate band loves a challenge and the entire musical make up this song was uniquely challenging; but the overriding reason for us including this song and what has stayed with the Team   is the lyrical content and message of the song.

Praise and worship songs; no matter the style or genre are typically the same( and rightfully so).  Each song is directed at the Father, Son and/or Holy Spirit praising each for how they work in our lives and sending “back” thanks and/or adoration. The song Wonder challenges us to slow down and look at the world through child-like eyes to see the wonder of God’s creation.

         I see the world in light

         I see the world in wonder

         I see the world in life

         Bursting in living color

         I see the world Your way … and I’m walking in the light

 This unique perspective; focusing the listener back to the wonders of God’s creation got me thinking. Our society in general is moving at warp speed every day. Each of us is consumed by worldly responsibility of raising kids, jobs, and mundane obligations. I love technology but this song reminded me that each of us through a significant part of our day is focused on a tiny lit phone screen. Our youth has adapted this as a way of life and we know that attraction to technology will only grow in future decades.  So challenge yourself and take time to look around and look up while thanking God for the many wonders he puts in front of us every day. Stop looking down and start paying attention to what our God of Wonders has given us!

Peace, Tippy

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