“I” of the Storm

In attempting to get back some degree of normalcy  three weeks after Hurricane Harvey impacted our area; I set down to write this; my regular blog for the Church website. I wondered what I could say in the face of this tragedy that hasn’t already been said?

The obvious answer is nothing. …. We are all still in shock as over half of our community deals with the physical effects of this terrible storm and the other half tries to help and support in whatever way they (we) can .  The storm and subsequent flood was a “physical smack down”  of our region with thousands of our friends and neighbors directly affected during those waning days of August 2017.

You may remember the old motivational speech used by corporations, sports teams and the occasional politician; “there is no I in TEAM”. Usually in this application there is a person or a group that is more concern about themselves and their personal well-being; than with that of the group or organization. With this in mind I thought about our situation in Friendswood today, and what happened in the wake of Harvey. There indeed was and has been an” I in STORM

As I remember back to those days during the Harvey event and just after.  People came out of their homes concerned about:

How can I help?

I need to check on friends and family!

I need to meet with my neighbors!

I need to help my neighbors!

I need to join a relief team!

I wonder if I can get my boat out to help

I can make a difference!

Each day we also have heard of how folks directly impacted by the storm went and helped others while putting their personal plight aside.   All of this selflessness and desire to make personal impact was (and still is) the true “I of the STORM”. What transpired during and after the storm was not a self- centered reaction but a Christ-like action that put others ahead of self-interest and personal concern and/or personal loss.  “What can I do?”

In recent weeks since the storm, I asked several of our Celebrate Praise Team members who were directly impacted  if they were ok to lead worship in the wake of Harvey; each replied that they “had to” participate in worship. They needed to worship God with their Church family.  There wasn’t even a question!  This was true in every ministry in our Church and throughout our community; people no matter their situation wanting to be there for others and wanting to be with others.   Harvey was indeed a physical smack-down, but the storm may also represent a spiritual game changer as we go forward.

Obviously there is no actual letter  I in the word storm, but there is an” I” in the word neighbor and we are all closer together today than before the storm.

Prayers for continued strength and support for all directly affected by Harvey and prayers for strength and perseverance to all those helping and assisting in the relief efforts…..


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