TRUST – Why is it so important for small group effectiveness?

Thinking back over my experiences in a small group, I had to ask myself, when did I start being open to others helping me align with God’s truth in the Bible and His transforming power?   I think it started when our small group of ladies started really knowing we could TRUST one another AND would honestly help one another TRUST in God.  Personally, I can remember sharing a little snippet of something going on and kind of pausing to see how others would respond.  One of my friends identified with similar feelings and circumstances in her own life and that put me at ease.  Then others opened up and were so gracious and genuine.  It let me know this was a SAFE place to share.  I did not feel like I was being judged and didn’t feel like I was alone.  Even those that had not had a similar experience displayed God’s grace by helping us all focus on God’s possibilities in this.  That was a big “Aha” and I knew deep down that’s how I wanted to live.

So often in social groups of friends, the focus is on the problem and not God’s possibilities in His power, truth and grace.  A small group of disciples can truly help each other navigate their earthly lives.  Small groups of disciples can be one of God’s most powerful tools for living transformed lives…… when they are honest, grace-filled & trustworthy….. when their focus is on applying God’s truth and possibilities in real life .…when they pray for Christ’s power and love to transform their hearts and habits.

Gracious Lord, Continue to form us into groups where we can TRUST each other and we can help one another TRUST You more and more in all aspects and areas of our lives.  In Jesus Name, Amen

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